Yung Gravy Collaboration With Dream

Rose Andres Amiel July 25, 2023
Yung Gravy Collaboration With Dream

Clay “Dream” and Matthew “Yung Gravy” tune appears to be on the horizon after all.

What was once just a one-word rejection quickly evolved. The rapper’s audio clip explaining his change of heart was shared on Twitter by the Minecraft content maker. With his signature humor, the rapper continued by claiming that he wouldn’t even sleep with the streamer’s mother. The internet is naturally excited by the prospect of Dream and Yung Gravy working together. After the article went live on Twitter, the website quickly became flooded with comments regarding this issue. “You know what Dream? I changed my mind. We can totally record a song together. And I won’t even have s*x with your mother.”

On July 21, 2023, Dream proposed that Yung Gravy join him in writing a song. The producer of the content promised to show the rapper how to play Minecraft in return. He received a resounding “no,” along with a heart emoji, as a response. The “coldest tweet of the year,” according to Yung Gravy, was his response. It now seems as though something has changed. The author of the content claims that Matthew is now willing to collaborate with them on a song. Although the specifics have not yet been made public, it appears that the two will be working together soon. 

For Clay, being asked to participate in a song is not a surprise. When his longtime friend Technoblade passed away, the content creator published a song titled “Until I End Up Dead.”