Streamer Lyss Disguises Channel Link

Rose Andres Amiel August 14, 2023
Streamer Lyss Disguises Channel Link

A Twitch streamer has been passing off links to their channels as an OnlyFans promotion, and it’s already paid off for them in a respectable way.

For many people, becoming a Twitch streamer and content creator has recently become a viable employment option. However, not everyone succeeds to the same degree as Kai Cenat, Ninja, Pokimane, or xQc. For many other streams, it’s a fact that you have to work hard to advance in any way. Some people are also fortunate enough to receive a shout-out from a prominent streamer or have one of their embarrassing moments become viral on social media. Streamer Lyss, though, has discovered another method for attracting new viewers to their channel, and it’s both quite creative and completely stealthy.

The small streamer has been masking promotional links for her channel as connections to OnlyFans. She mainly focuses on Call of Duty or Just Chatting streams.

In her Instagram stories, Lyss has been included a button that reads “Only Fans” but actually directs viewers to Twitch and her streams, as she revealed on Twitter. As a result, she attracted over 2100 new unique viewers and had her highest peak audience to date, which was roughly 1050 viewers and nearly double her previous total. Additionally, she’s added over 1100 new followers in the past few days, a significant increase for a streamer of her stature.

Smaller streamers asserted that she had “cracked the code” and that they would be imitating her. One said, “This is brilliant.” Another said, “This is beyond brilliant.” Some people said she would be in trouble for deceiving people, but that would only be through Instagram, and given that the link doesn’t lead to spam or a scam channel instead of a functioning Twitch channel, Lyss is probably fine.