PewDiePie Shares Feeling About Fatherhood

Rose Andres Amiel August 13, 2023
PewDiePie Shares Feeling About Fatherhood

Following the birth of his son, Björn, PewDiePie made a comeback on YouTube with a video explaining his initial thoughts and sentiments about fatherhood.

On July 11, 2023, Felix Kjellberg and his wife Marzia welcomed the birth of their son Björn under the YouTube alias PewDiePie. The YouTube celebrity told his followers before his son was born that he would be taking a short break from running his channel and producing content in order to support and spend more time with his family. PewDiePie has recently made his first YouTube video since his son was born, in which he describes the dramatic events leading up to Björn’s birth and the weeks that followed as a new parent. 

PewDiePie published a video titled simply “I’m a parent now” on August 11, 2023. The first part of the film shows the events leading up to the birth of his kid, including how the YouTuber left Marzia off at the hospital as her due date approached.

He said he was “extremely scared” for himself and his wife but was convinced Marzia “would do really great” after dropping her off. PewDiePie acknowledged that the concept of parenthood still hadn’t entirely sunk in the day before the birth of his baby. “It’s such a strange day because, obviously, we’ve had nine months now leading up to it, but I just can’t imagine that… there’s gonna be a baby. I have no experience to relate that to. It’s all so new.” 

Although the majority of the procedure the YouTube celebrity videotaped was quite routine, he did mention there was some uncertainty around whether Marzia would require a C-section. Fortunately, Björn’s birth went without a hitch, as PewDiePie showed in the video. The YouTuber captured Marzia and Björn welcoming their kid home as well as how their two dogs reacted to the new addition to the family. Even a chunk of the video that Kjellberg devoted to finishing the Daruma doll that he had been holding onto throughout Marzia’s pregnancy. The YouTuber colored in the doll’s final eye when Björn left the hospital, signifying his desire for his son to get home safely. 

Even though PewDiePie and Marzia will surely devote a lot of time to their son, their followers undoubtedly rejoiced to see Björn in good health and happiness.