Valkyrae Reacts On IShowSpeed Flashing

Rose Andres Amiel August 17, 2023
Valkyrae Reacts On IShowSpeed Flashing

A group of content creators, including YouTube gaming celebrity Rachell “Valkyrae,” Thomas “Sykkuno,” Miyoung “Kkatamina,” Leslie “Fuslie,” and Jodi “QuarterJade,” gathered together to play a range of games.

The streamer decided to check something out on Twitter at one point during the broadcast after noticing Darren “IShowSpeed” was trending there. For reference, IShowSpeed became famous after accidently flashing his privates in front of thousands of spectators during a recent horror game broadcast. The 18-year-old star swiftly removed the stream from his channel in response to the circumstance. But many videos have been shared on social media. 

Valkyrae clicked on IShowSpeed’s explicit video while browsing Twitter. The co-owner of 100 Thieves exclaimed with disbelief: “I’m on Twitter… I don’t think you want to know. I went to Twitter to go thank Char Char for sending me that screenshot. And, I just see; I saw Speed was trending. So, I just checked and there is zero shot. I just saw the clip that I just saw. There is no chance that I just saw that! And, I want to gouge my eyes out!” 

Miyoung asked Valkyrae what she had witnessed to make such a statement after she joked about wanting to “gouge” her eyes out. The streamer gave a reply: “Bro, he straight up… his hoo-ha came out of his shorts! Yes! On stream! I’m out. I’m also out. I was like, ‘Why is he trending? What did he do?'” 

The Los Angeles-based star hoped that IShowSpeed’s antics wouldn’t result in a suspension from the Google-owned platform: “Hopefully, he doesn’t get banned from YouTube. That’s crazy. That’s so crazy. ‘Pretend it’s AI.’ Okay, yeah. We’ll just pretend it’s AI.”