Asmongold Reacts To Baldur’s Gate 3

Rose Andres Amiel August 7, 2023
Asmongold Reacts To Baldur’s Gate 3

Asmongold, a well-known Twitch streamer, was shocked to learn that days after Baldur’s Gate 3’s complete release, the game had over 700,000 concurrent gamers on Steam.

The computer role-playing game was released to great acclaim, garnering praise from both players and critics alike for its wide appeal—unprecedented for such a hard-core role-playing product. Additionally, several streamers have praised it, with Zack “Asmongold” of Twitch being one of the most ardent proponents. He has repeatedly emphasized the lack of microtransactions and the bug-free launch of Larian Studios’ game, despite not being all that interested in playing it himself. 

He just stumbled upon a Reddit thread discussing how the player count for this game had grown over time in a webcast. When Asmongold discovered that the game’s popularity had increased after its full release on August 3, he was astounded. The streamer reported that the number of concurrent Steam users had surpassed 700,000, calling it “insane”: “Baldur’s Gate 3 just keeps going up. Let me see. Um, what the f*ck! Nah, yo, look you at this. Yo, what the f*ck? So, it’s actually just gotten more popular every day. 700,000 people playing the game? That’s insane!” 

After Baldur’s Gate 2’s first release in 2000, the most recent Baldur’s Gate game was long overdue. Nevertheless, it did witness the release of an improved edition ten years ago, with extensions on the way. Fans of the original games were anticipating the release of this game because it is the first significant entry in the Larian Studios series in a very long time. Some people might believe that Baldur’s Gate 3’s complete release on August 3 has lost steam since it was published in Early Access in 2020. However, they couldn’t be more mistaken, as the number of players for this game has increased tremendously since its release. 

Interestingly, the claims made by other creators that this game was an outlier in the market because of its protracted development simply served to fuel the flames. Casual players purchased this game as a result of those comments to see what all the commotion was about. Since commenting about Larian Studios’ response to the game’s lack of microtransactions, Asmongold has been praising Baldur’s Gate 3 before its release. In addition, he publicly admitted in a video that he had purchased the game despite having no desire to play it. His purchase served as a statement of support for the choices taken by Larian Studios. 

Naturally, he was thrilled that Baldur’s Gate 3 had such a large player base in its first week of release. He said that it was likened to the greatest Steam games ever, saying: “What are the top ten games? Bro, Baldur’s Gate is number 9 of all time on Steam. I think what’s so impressive about this is that this wasn’t hyped. This was the opposite of hype. It’s just that the game came out and a lot of people were saying it is good, then other people were like, ‘F*ck this, I’m gonna try it out and see if it’s good.'”