YourBudTevin Drinking Game

Rose Andres Amiel November 13, 2022
YourBudTevin Drinking Game

The experiment of drinking every time a whip crack sound appeared in an episode of the animated series Johnny Test on Cartoon Network by Twitch streamer and YouTuber YourBudTevin didn’t go as planned.

The quantity of whip-crack sound effects in each episode of Johnny Test is legendary. Even while each episode contains a ton of slapstick sounds, it is the show’s excessive usage of whip cracks that has elevated it to a meme status that has outlasted its initial run. This was a test for YouTuber and Twitch streamer YourBudTevin. He has played numerous drinking games involving a variety of shows, frequently including friends and inventing absurd rules for what on-screen events will make him have a drink. However, Johnny Test would turn out to be his biggest obstacle. Tevin had to consume alcohol more than 200 times with only one guideline in place. at one point.

Despite the deletion of the original VoD, some of the films still exist to demonstrate Tevin’s fall into madness through his Johnny Test-inspired drinking game, which calls for a drink at each crack of the whip. 

Those who haven’t seen the play might not think this is a significant obstacle. Additionally, it appears like Tevin may not have seen the entire episode before jumping in, given how many drinks he needed to consume before his stream was finished. Tevin had to drink 230 times while watching “Johnny’s 100th Episode.” This implies that there was a whip crack every 2.8 seconds for an episode that lasted 10 minutes and 42 seconds. The streamer quickly came to the conclusion that he might have misunderstood. 

He took a long time to finish the eleven-minute segment. At about 1:30, Tevin knew what he had gotten himself into. “Any time their arms move at all it’s a drink. There’s— It’s just not fun.” But he persisted and continued to experience the episode. Tevin made it very far in before he slumped to the ground while attempting to get up from his chair, despite the fact that the road ahead was paved with whip cracks, fart noises, and steadily rising volumes of alcohol intake.

Tevin tweeted a photo of himself standing next to the toilet bowl in response to a question from a follower on Twitter about how his morning went following the live. This might have been Tevin’s biggest test yet; he’s done a lot of drinking games in his time as a video developer. And one that he probably shouldn’t attempt to repeat anytime soon.