xQc Talks About His Credit Card Being Used By Someone

Rose Andres Amiel March 1, 2023
xQc Talks About His Credit Card Being Used By Someone

Twitch celebrity xQc just stated during a stream that someone had been secretly using his credit card without his knowledge.

Being the undisputed king of streaming on Twitch for so long entitles the self-described “Juicer” to a respectable income. He has been very open about his recent spending patterns, from losing half a million dollars in wagers to blowing a nine-figure sum on Twitch. He doesn’t appear to be responsible for all of his expenses, though. Every day at the beginning of the stream, xQc spends an hour talking to his chat. Typically speaking, he updates people on what’s happening, what he plans to do on live, or just reacts to videos that viewers send him. Yet he concentrated on a fresh, unappealing discovery during his program on February 27.

In order to make an online transaction, xQc needed to log into his bank account. And at that point, he discovered multiple charges on his credit card that he appeared to have no memory of making. 

On live, he talked about this realization and related how when he “logged into [his] bank account,] a bunch of charges on [his] credit card, from f***ing nowhere,” appeared. “Just a bunch of s*** from f***ing nowhere,” he continued, clearly quite upset. “Brother! Hello?!”

He never disclosed the amount spent or the location of the purchases. But, as his conversation erupted in laughter at the conclusion of the anecdote, he remarked, “chill yo, it’s all fine, don’t worry.”

It’s obvious that xQc is not very upset about the erroneous charges, since it looks that things are now under control with her credit card. We’ll keep you informed if we learn any new information about how someone got access to his information or who was responsible.