xQc Shares Thoughts About GTA RP Relationships

Rose Andres Amiel January 31, 2023
xQc Shares Thoughts About GTA RP Relationships

The popularity of GTA RP servers has grown recently, and Twitch streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel has revealed how in-game connections might actually develop.

xQc talked about how he has seen relationships that were made on these servers turn into real relationships when responding to a stream from NoPixel streamer RatedEpicz. He notably discussed how interactions on the well-known NoPixel server eventually seem to become real. He tells his chat, “Most RP dating ended up becoming a real dating [situation] At 90 percent of what I’ve seen on NoPixel.”

A story about people “cheating” on their partners through RP servers was also related in the discussion. These people would go on dates in-game while telling their real-life partners that it was nothing, only for it to turn out to be quite real. He further asserted that the NoPixel server may help 50% of all virtual interactions turn into really genuine ones.

Many people in xQc’s chat room emphasized the idea that Adept, his ex-girlfriend, had a virtual boyfriend before they split up.

A Redditor mentioned how this pretty much happens in any game where people roleplay in it, saying, “who would have thought that spending time with someone every day, talking to them every day, and sharing similar interests would cause you to grow feelings for them?” 

In a now-private Tweet, RatedEpicz of NoPixel was accused of homophobia, harassment, and emotional abuse. In response, xQc made a statement. The streamer claims that they first connected in a GTA Online role-playing server where relationships were emphasized. In-game relationships on RP servers have a long history, with people watching every move a player makes, especially in NoPixel. It is evident the level of engagement is higher than most would initially believe given that an entire Wiki has been created to chronicle some of the server’s top names and their previous activities.