xQc Says He’d Ban Demanding Kick Viewers

Rose Andres Amiel July 19, 2023
xQc Says He’d Ban Demanding Kick Viewers

After being begged by his demanding Kick viewers to perform more IRL broadcasts, streaming sensation xQc made a pledge that he would “purge” them.

One of the most well-known live broadcasters on the internet is Felix “xQc” Lengyel. As a result of his first success on Twitch, xQc secured a lucrative contract with Kick in June and received a stunning $100 million to stream on the competing website. With his Twitch and Kick channels combined, xQc has more than 12 million fans. But when it comes to his IRL streams, some of his viewers are becoming a little too demanding. 

IRL streams can offer some of the most fascinating entertainment available online, but according to xQc, they can also bring out the worst in his audience members.

During a recent Kick stream, he observed, “The thing is, with IRLs, it’s a lot of fun, but it fosters the very bad part of everything. Especially at this scale, it snowballs really bad. At the end of the day, when it’s time to chill out and talk to the community, and do stuff only between us, it’s really f*cking bad.” 

xQc is correct; demanding viewers can make an otherwise enjoyable outing into a terrible one, and stream snipers can destroy a creator’s IRL broadcast. If his supporters want to see him perform more IRL streams, xQc promised to “purge” his chat of these types of users. “Alright, you know what? This is what I’m gonna do. We’ll try something. You see people like this?” he said, pointing out one chatter’s comment that read, ‘W gaslight.’ “I’ll just permaban all of them.”

The discussion is just gonna get purged like crazy if you want nice sh*t and good IRL, he continued. Anyone who says things like, “Oh, do this or do that,” or, “Don’t do this or don’t do that,” will just be permanently banned. However, viewers aren’t the only ones who can disrupt an otherwise fun IRL broadcast. It’s evident that xQc has had enough of overly demanding fans wrecking his IRL shows. 

In fact, many IRL streamers have encountered terrifying situations while broadcasting, such as one creator who was challenged by a man brandishing a knife in Paris when TwitchCon was taking place.