xQc Abruptly Ends Stream

Rose Andres Amiel May 16, 2023
xQc Abruptly Ends Stream

Many of his followers were worried about xQc when he abruptly ended his most recent Twitch stream and hurriedly informed his audience that “something’s wrong.”

These days, xQc’s streams are frequently quite lengthy. In fact, when xQc originally began his Twitch career, he was practically the first to broadcast for 12+ hours. And over the years, he has remained true to himself, frequently staying live on Twitch for a longer period of time than he does offline in a given week. As a result, he rarely ends a stream suddenly. So, when it does occur, it usually has a serious cause. For instance, xQc’s stream abruptly ended the last time Adept, his ex-partner, visited him at home to have an off-camera conversation.

But for the most recent occurrence during his most recent stream, it’s still unclear what led xQc to abruptly shut everything down. Just over five hours into his May 15 stream, watching videos suggested by viewers, xQc looked astonished at his display. He quickly got to his feet and left his streaming room while holding his phone.

He would return a short while later to inform his stream that he had to go early. He quickly said, “Sorry chat, I have to end, something’s wrong.”

But he didn’t stop the broadcast right there; he continued to watch the entire video he was currently watching. After the video was over, he returned to his broadcast about 18 minutes later to properly terminate it. He closed the stream by saying, “Sorry about that, it’s been crazy, it is what it is though.”

He assures viewers that he will resume streaming either later on in the day or the following day. Some viewers suggested that xQc’s decision to cease his live early may have been related to a recent Instagram story by Adept in which she was depicted wearing a ring. However, xQc never explicitly stated if it was about her or the cause behind it. So, do not dismiss the speculation out of hand. Fans may not have to wait too long to see him back on Twitch, depending on when he decides to. After all, he is committed to competing for Team Mendo in tomorrow’s Twitch Rivals Rust event, so it is likely that he will quickly resume streaming. Although we’ll be sure to keep you informed here of any further developments.