WoW Prime Gaming Cosmetics Arouses Great Interest

Ennan Zapanta July 3, 2022
WoW Prime Gaming Cosmetics Arouses Great Interest

Over the years, customers to Amazon and Twitch Prime have had unlimited access to a ton of video game content, from basic in-game cosmetics to totally free games.

Blizzard made the decision to sign up for the program this year by supplying in-game content for its selection of games. Subscribers can now obtain a collection of World of Warcraft transmog appearances in addition to card packs for Hearthstone and loot boxes for Overwatch. Over the course of a few months, these cosmetics will be distributed, and they could pave the way for future World of Warcraft Prime Gaming benefits. 

When Blizzard revealed earlier this year that it was collaborating with Amazon to offer Prime Gaming benefits, fans were unsure of what to anticipate. Some people were concerned that Blizzard will hide the premium cosmetics for its subscription-based game behind yet another subscription. Instead, Blizzard has opted to bring back a number of vintage cosmetic helms that were previously unavailable from the in-game shop.

Many players are thrilled to get their hands on these classic cosmetics they might have missed the first time around, while some players are disappointed that they paid for these cosmetics years ago and are not getting anything special in return.

Players of World of Warcraft will be able to choose between three new cosmetic helms from Prime Gaming. The Jewel of the Firelord, The Hood of Hungering Darkness, and The Crown of Eternal Winter are the names of these helms. Although each is distinctive and has beautiful visuals, players can currently only claim The Jewel of the Firelord. The second and third will be offered beginning later in July and August. 

Back in 2013, these helms were made available for $15 each in the World of Warcraft in-game market. All three were included in the “See You Later Bundle” released by Blizzard in 2018 together with three companions and three mounts. Only a month after it became available for purchase, all of those cosmetics were no longer available. New players couldn’t access the items, although those who had bought them initially could still use them. That has changed with the return of the helms via Prime Gaming, and it’s possible that the other components of the See You Later Bundle will do the same. 

Players of World of Warcraft can easily get access to these three helms. A gamer just needs to connect their account if they already have access to Prime Gaming.

If you don’t already have Prime Gaming, you can sign up for it or try it free for 30 days. The helm will simply appear in the appearance menu without the game alerting players that they have got it. They can then go to any transmog shop and purchase the fiery helm to complete their outfit.