Video Game Store Is Robbed

Rose Andres Amiel October 26, 2022
Video Game Store Is Robbed

Local gamers are buzzing about reports of a game store in Seattle that frequently streams on Twitch being robbed under pressure.

Unfortunately, thieves frequently target game stores, and this incident is not the first recent one at this particular store. While there are many reasons why people stream on Twitch, this particular streamer frequently does so at their game shop location after hours. Despite being recorded on video, the robbery wasn’t being broadcast at the time.

One of the oldest gaming shops in Seattle, Washington, Pink Gorilla Games was the unlucky target of this robbery. Cody Spencer, who operates the Twitch channel DSKoopa and streams from the store, is a co-owner of the business. Two employees were working behind the counter when a man wearing a mask, dark clothing, and a backpack entered the business, according to the initial Fox News account that was circulated on Twitter.

He appeared at first like any other client, bringing a number of products to the counter and appearing to check out. However, when the robber made it plain he wasn’t paying, things swiftly became worse.

The thief can be seen at one point moving his hand in front of him, which is obviously holding a gun, in a surveillance footage that the store provided. When the store employees attempted to give him his total, he reportedly asked for a bag and later demanded the cash register’s contents, Pokemon cards, and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but the thief is still on the loose, and the owner and employees are understandably shook up by the experience. The business owner recalls that the same person apparently previously knocked on the door after the store had closed, which only heightens the already tense scenario. It’s unclear whether this initial visit was an attempt to rob a game store once more or if he was laying the groundwork for the robbery by inspecting the inside of the store first. In any case, the store was also broken into repeatedly, which has cost it a sizable chunk of money.

The owner is reluctant to move the business because it has been there for so long, but she is also quite worried about what happened recently. He recently stated on Twitter that he couldn’t tolerate someone being shot.

Unknown at this point is what the owners intend to do, but this might ultimately result in the store closing or, at the absolute least, relocating to a place that is safer.