Valkyrae Surprises Hasan

Rose Andres Amiel July 27, 2023
Valkyrae Surprises Hasan

Hasan “HasanAbi” Parker of Twitch was completely floored after receiving a birthday cake to remember.

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter, a star of the YouTube streaming platform, surprised him with a cake made in the shape of his new pet dog Kaya. Because of her 3.94 million subscribers and prior Game Awards victory as “Content Creator of the Year,” Valkyrae has been referred to as the “YouTube Queen.” Having long been influential personalities in the streaming community, Hasan himself has 2.5 million Twitch followers. Along with close pals who frequently visit each other’s streams. She recently made an appearance on his live stream to celebrate his birthday, giving Hasan and the thousands of spectators watching a grand unveiling of the cake.

Hasan was noticeably shocked when Valkyrae opened the package to reveal a birthday cake decorated in the image of his beloved pet dog Kaya. The Turkish-American streamer displayed conflicted reactions as he appeared astonished by the unusual gift he had received. Rae remarking, ‘It kinda looks scary no?’ and going on to reference that it looks like a “Turkey”. 

Quickly assuring his pal and expressing his admiration It’s cute, he answered, “no.” Realizing afterwards how bizarre it is to eat the cake given its accurate portrayal of his adored dog.

“I feel it’s weird to cut kaya like that”, he said.

Ultimately the streamer is delighted with his gift stating: “It’s a little scary but I mean I get the picture… you don’t think about what’s in front of you like oh we’re gonna cut this open and eat it… It’s more like it’s how cute that’s how she lays”. The streamer was delighted by the painting that Valkyrae also gave as a gift and it was produced by her Thumbnail artist. Myth and Will Neff, two more friends and content artists, joined in the celebrations later in the live.