Tyler1 Responds To LoL Community

Rose Andres Amiel May 10, 2023
Tyler1 Responds To LoL Community

Tyler “Tyler1,” a Twitch livestream, has spoken on the recent controversy that has surrounded him.

To set the scene, Redditor u/WoogieWoogielol used the r/LeageofLegends forum to accuse the creator of the material of “actively griefing” during a game he played off-stream. They claim that just two minutes into the ranked game, the streamer sold his stuff, bought AP (Ability Power) items, and shouted, “Enjoy loss”:

The Missouri native addressed the incident via livestream on May 9, 2023, and explained what happened. He alleged that it was “extremely hard” to play League of Legends while it was being streamed and that Riot Games doesn’t appear to discipline trolls. He declared: “Yeah, so, I don’t even care anymore. Apparently, Riot doesn’t ban griefing ever! Apparently, it’s just not bannable! So, I’m done even flaming. I just stopped playing these games. It’s not bannable! So, f**k it! Griefing is not bannable! I mean, f**k! I get griefed every single day. I got griefed in EU, not bannable. I don’t even give a f**k! If something goes wrong, I don’t care. I’m out that b**ch!”

One of Tyler1’s viewers told him about the aforementioned Reddit post eight minutes into his program. When the streamer noticed this, she replied: “I did play off-stream earlier. Let’s see. Not reading this. I imagine it’s because; dude, it’s actually crazy! So, I played… I played games off-stream like I said I would, gradually. We’re slowly climbing. Easy as f**k, by the way! This game is so easy. You literally cannot play this game on stream. You actually can’t play this game on stream. It’s so disgusting how hard every single game is.”

The 28-year-old personality then launched into a protracted tirade, complaining that those who act in an unsportsmanlike manner are not penalized. Tyler continued by saying that Riot Games only prosecutes players who enter the following in the game: “They only care if you type! Period! People sit here, grief me forever. I don’t care, man!”

The game’s events, as recounted by the Redditor in their post, were subsequently described by Tyler1: “In this game, in champ select, I told my AD Carry (ADC), I told anybody to ban Draven. My Aphelios banned nothing. They (the enemy team) locked in Draven. GG, let’s have fun. It’s not better, bro! Yeah, off-stream games, easy as f**k! I don’t care. Ban griefing or f**k off!”