Tyler1 Gets ‘Racially Profiled’

Rose Andres Amiel May 15, 2023
Tyler1 Gets ‘Racially Profiled’

On May 13, 2023, popular Twitch streamer Tyler “Tyler1” had a pretty dull day because the League of Legends server crashed while he was livestreaming.

The creator of the content joked that he would wait 10 minutes for the issue to be fixed while playing Illaoi on his “S8 IS SO FUN” account. Tyler finally made the decision to play Overwatch 2 since he was unable to join another League of Legends game. The native of Missouri studied the stats for the games he had played earlier in the day during the downtime and observed that some of his prior rivals had been successful in finding mates. 

Tyler1 claimed that Riot Games, the company that created the game, was “racially profiling” him after he saw this: “Ahh! So, because I’m Black… I can’t play. Nice, bro! Well played, Riot!”

On May 13, Tyler1 was chatting with his viewers at the four-hour mark of the broadcast when he remarked that he could play a game while the League of Legends server was down. He then checked a website that tracks player statistics and saw that some of his rivals had advanced to ranked matches. Upon observing this, he replied: “Like, there are people… like, after this game, like, this Sion for instance… he got a game off. He played. Right? Did anyone else play? Guess he was just a f**king chosen one. No? This guy (a player named NBA To) got two games off! What the f**k?! These guys are playing?! What the f**k!”

The 28-year-old celebrity then alleged that Riot Games was “racially profiling” him and said: “Now, I don’t want to be that guy. But what looks like happening here is… a bit of racial profiling. I’m just saying. This guy got a game off. This guy played another game.”

Afterward, Tyler1 said that he couldn’t find a game on four separate accounts and described what transpired during the livestream: “So, I couldn’t; I got into one game. One account crashed. I got 30 minutes. I queue up on another account. I played (a) normal (game). The game went through normally. Then I couldn’t play another game. I was on, like, four different accounts.”