Twitch Ban LowTierGod

Rose Andres Amiel May 4, 2023
Twitch Ban LowTierGod

After allegedly attempting to “motivate people,” LowTierGod, who has previously been banned from YouTube on many occasions, tweeted on April 28 that he has now again been suspended from Twitch.

After earning a name for himself in the FGC as a vicious trash-talker, not just to his rivals but also to his followers, LowTierGod gained the epithet “controversial.” When viewers get on LowTierGod’s wrong side in his chat, he is known to be blunt with them. Despite this, the celebrity has continued to acquire a sizable fan base on Twitch and YouTube. 

After being banned from Twitch for more than six months, LowTierGod was finally allowed to stream on the platform back in March. However, only one month later, the 32-year-old is once more in trouble with the Amazon-owned platform. Although the precise reason for LowTierGod’s suspension from Twitch has not yet been made public, the streamer himself claims that he was only trying to “motivate people.” 

LowTierGod tweeted, “It’s not perm, but I guess I’m not allowed to motivate people.”

However, this is not the only hypothesised explanation for LowTierGod’s suspension from Twitch. The star was apparently banned for making an insulting racial statement in a prior show, according to a number of people on the LivestreamFails forum, however this has not been verified. The suspension from Twitch is not permanent, according to LowTierGod, but he did not specify how long it will last, so it is still unknown when the contentious star will be permitted to return.