The Twitch Stream Quality In South Korea

Rose Andres Amiel September 29, 2022
The Twitch Stream Quality In South Korea

Since it offers live feeds of many types of content as well as highlights from well-known streamers, Twitch has been at the forefront of the streaming culture.

Twitch will have to make expense reductions in order to control pricing increases since the live streaming juggernaut has been finding it difficult to keep up with the costs of running the platform in South Korea. In a recent blog post on September 28th, YouTube’s streaming rival gave a reason for the modifications. The changes are described in full, along with several potential alternatives. As it strives to adhere to the local restrictions that the nation demands, South Korean Twitch cites “networking fees and other related expenses” for being a burden.

In order to address this issue, on September 30 South Korean Twitch will restrict stream quality to 720p “on channels where transcode is provided”.

Transcodes are a tool that Twitch utilizes to help its viewers select the quality at which to view their chosen material. Transcoding, in its simplest form, is the process of converting a file from one encoding format to another. All of this is done in an effort to maintain operations in Korea. Peer-to-peer streaming has already been tested by Twitch as a solution to the issue. Prior to putting it into practice, Twitch wants to test it further.