The One Punch Man Build In Elden Ring

Ennan Zapanta June 2, 2022
The One Punch Man Build In Elden Ring

A committed Elden Ring player has created a build that allows him to defeat all of the necessary bosses in a single hit. 

BushyGames, a Twitch streamer, posted a video to his YouTube channel explaining his build and the strategies he utilized to knock down the bosses. According to Eurogamer, the streamer offered himself full usage of every weapon and skill in the game except the overpowered spell Comet Azur. He was only permitted to use one attack every monster and boss phase, though. 

BushyGames’ character, aptly titled One Punch Man after the superhero franchise of the same name, had a build that included a gigantic hammer known as the Giant-Crusher, which he spent several hours upgrading to its maximum level. He also gathered a number of smithing stones and weapon talents in order to boost the Giant-damage. Crusher’s He was able to defeat the first boss in one hit after three hours of grinding and gathering enough resources. Despite the fact that BushyGames said he couldn’t utilize Comet Azur, he broke the restriction near the end of the game. Due to the severity of the last boss battle against Radagon and Elden Beast, the streamer had to employ the spell, though discoveries may indicate that another Elden Ring boss is even more difficult. After a 25-hour broadcast of treasure farming, dying, and problem-solving, BushyGames emerged victorious.

Elden Ring was created by FromSoftware, which is most known for the terrible Souls series, as well as Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The game follows the player, a Tarnished exile, as they return to the Land Between and battle a slew of punishing enemies in an attempt to rebuild the Elden Ring and become the next Elden Lord.

Despite the fact that FromSoftware’s games are known for their dark and dreary atmospheres, a segment of the community has spent their time to creating and role-playing some of the wackiest character constructions, one of which even included a traveling duo of Jesus Christ and Lucifer in Elden Ring.