Streamer Stormfall33 Receives A Weird Gift

Rose Andres Amiel May 23, 2023
Streamer Stormfall33 Receives A Weird Gift

Twitch streamer Stormfall was concerned when she got a strange box from one of her viewers who had discovered her address; however, it turned out that the viewer had used this information to play a practical joke on her.

When her cat Momo ended her Hitman run by stepping on the keyboard and quitting to the menu without saving, Stormfall already gained notoriety earlier this year. This time, Stormfall encountered yet another peculiar circumstance when one of her viewers decided to send her a parcel after learning her home’s address. Before opening it, she wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but it turned out to be harmless. Stormfall herself has put it the best: “Someone from Stream has my address and they are sending me like a really weird package, like poop, or a bomb. I open the package and you will never guess what is inside,” said the streamer before displaying the card.

It has Stormfall33’s complete handle and a humorous title in all capital letters in the center, which she may now use to greet people. It’s an all-black, metal card, that reads “CERTIFIED VIRGIN” in golden letters, with much smaller “Stormfall33” written underneath. 

Although the card itself is funny, those who viewed Dexerto’s Tweet about the incident said that it is unsettling that someone might know Stormfall’s address. One user commented, “That’s pretty funny but a little creepy to think someone from the internet knows your address, at least it was a better outcome than what it could’ve been.”

Despite the fact that Stormfall herself admitted she still doesn’t know who sent her the card, she doesn’t appear very concerned about it, showing her audience that she has complete faith in them.