Streamer Shroud Trolls Mizkif

TwitchAddict October 31, 2021
Streamer Shroud Trolls Mizkif

After offering to deliver his stuff to Mizkif and his recent ex-girlfriend Maya Higa, Twitch streamer Michael Grzesiek aka shroud trolled fellow streamer Mizkif.

On October 30, Shroud took a break from grinding New World, which he’s been devoted to since the game’s creation, to watch 100 Thieves vs. Cloud9 in the Valorant Champions Tour match.

During the battle, he mentioned Mizkif, another famous streamer. However, when the 26-year-old saw the message clip, it wasn’t quite what he had hoped for. Shroud remarked during the Valorant co-stream to Mizkif; “Mizkif, you want my new merch, man? I don’t know if you’re here. I got you.”

The streamer was definitely ecstatic to acquire some free shroud merch after seeing footage of the shoutout on his live show. His joy was brief, however, as the Twitch star revealed another piece of information, saying, “I’ll send it to you and Ma… I mean, I’ll send it to you. My bad.”

Before he could finish pronouncing the name “Maya,” a fellow streamer who had a public separation with Mizkif in September 2021, Shroud cut himself off.

Mizkif obviously cringed, then burst out laughing, nearly falling out of his chair, and exclaimed, “Oh my God!” ” He was funny about it and didn’t take the joke too seriously. In any case, it was a hilarious scene with no one getting hurt.