Twitch Streamer Off The Hook

TwitchAddict November 24, 2020
Twitch Streamer Off The Hook

On November 23rd, World of Warcraft Shadowlands was released and many users of the game were excited to download the game. One streamer drove home too fast and when a police officer stopped him and knew the reason why they were driving fast, they completely understood and released them!

World of Warcraft’s latest expansion will bring together loads of new and returning players for an all-new story. There’s covenants to play around with and new exciting quests to try out. Many players of WoW are excited and rushed home to play it after work.

Speeding is against highway code and driving too fast might put other people’s life in danger. Unfortunately, one Twitch streamer was pulled over by the cops while he was heading home. Usually when you are pulled over by a police car because of speeding, you will be given a speeding ticket. He explained to the police the reason why he was driving too fast and he said that he will throw shadowlands on and unexpectedly the police officer decided to let him go and pretended that nothing had happened.

This streamer is known for by alias bbnogames. He shared his conversation with the police officer. The cops asked him; “ Yo, you know how fast you were going?’ I’m like dude I’m sorry, this game is dropping soon, all my friends are waiting for me. And He’s like ‘Shadowlands?’ and I’m like yeah and he’s like OK go!”.

After that conversation between the officer, he was lucky that he wasn’t given a ticket and didn’t pay a single cent for his trouble.