Streamer Odablock Reveals Move To Kick

Rose Andres Amiel April 10, 2023
Streamer Odablock Reveals Move To Kick

In a live stream, content creator Odablock described why he had switched to Kick and how Twitch had treated him like “s**t.”

Kick, the newest competitor to Twitch in the streaming market, has already gained the support of prominent content creators. Some content producers, such as GM Hikaru Nakamura, have even quit Twitch to start fresh on the new platform. There are rumors that several other well-known internet personalities will soon go as well. Though it shouldn’t be a surprise given that Kick appears to be more developer-friendly on paper. 

For starters, compared to Twitch, the more recent site guarantees a 95/5 income split in favor of streamers. Kick has an advantage over the competition thanks to less stringent community rules. On April 6, late in the evening, streamer Odablock made a public announcement about switching to the Kick platform. During a recent stream, the content creator provided a specific response to those who were interested in the shift. 

Odablock informed his audience that he’d had the honor of chatting with Kick’s owners firsthand on several occasions. The broadcaster had this to say about communication at Twitch: “Every time I got banned on Twitch, or I didn’t know what was going on, I didn’t get a message back… Twitch has always treated me like s**t, but I just stay on it because it’s my job at the end of the day.”

Odablock continued by stating that he is content with the platform and that Kick has been “very good” to him thus far. Kick is currently attempting to fix the problems as of right now. The streaming service has recently been under fire for taking away one user’s login and giving it to a more well-known developer. Hopefully, these problems and other ones are nothing more than minor growing pains.