Streamer ExoHydraX Calls Out Twitch

Rose Andres Amiel May 22, 2023
Streamer ExoHydraX Calls Out Twitch

Controversial ExoHydraX, a Twitch streamer, alleges she was permanently banned for being “Black and curvy” and accuses the platform of racism. 

ExoHydraX has had a tumultuous connection with the Amazon-owned streaming service due to her repeated career suspensions. The streamer, who was formerly banned for “sexually explicit” hot tub broadcasts and even for putting a link to OnlyFans in her Linktree, was a former competitive Call of Duty player. The streamer is now claiming that the website has double standards when it comes to what is permitted on the platform after being banned yet again, this time reportedly permanently.

ExoHydraX claimed in a series of videos shared on Twitter that she wasn’t doing a hot tub broadcast when she was permabanned and was simply chatting with friends. She said; “I was not even in a bikini. I was fully dressed. I did not turn once with this outfit! Not once. You know why I didn’t turn? Because I knew they would ban.”

Before mentioning content from White broadcasters that didn’t lead to any action being taken, she continued by saying that even though she didn’t turn, Twitch took issue with the fact that she is “curvy and Black.” ExoHydraX claims that the banned broadcaster added another video in which another content creator was shown performing squats while holding a mirror up to her rear end. 

She exclaimed; “You’ve been bullying me for years. I’m scared to do hot tub streams because of you. Even when I don’t turn around, you still find a way to permaban me! For what?”

It’s unlikely that Twitch will make an exception in this situation because they don’t comment on specific bans, but it’s interesting to note that this is the second time she has been “permabanned.”