Streamer bigcocobuns Encounters Racist

Rose Andres Amiel May 11, 2023
Streamer bigcocobuns Encounters Racist

After broadcasting herself seeing the artwork of a New York street artist who wasn’t pleased she was watching him, a Twitch broadcaster became the target of a racist rant.

On Twitch, a popular genre called “IRL streaming” allows streamers to share activities from their daily life that take place away from their computers, such as showing off their time spent with friends or broadcasting their journeys abroad. However, because it’s challenging to control other people’s behavior and circumstances when you’re out in public, these streams occasionally contain wildly chaotic elements. and not everybody appreciates being filmed without their permission. 

Unfortunately, quite a few IRL streamers have encountered racist remarks from strangers when live-streaming their travels abroad. JinnyTTY was one of them; she defended herself against the remarks from a stranger in New York City back in 2021. The most recent IRL streamer to receive an earful from a racist stranger while broadcasting in New York is Twitch user “bigcocobuns.” 

A street artist came up to Coco while she was enjoying his work and seemed irritated that she was broadcasting it without his consent. In a popular clip taken from coco’s show, he questioned, “Why are you over here filming my stuff?” she answered; “I wanted to share it,”

“Well, look, I didn’t ask you to share my stuff,” the artist shot back. “I didn’t tell you to do this.” Coco tried to help him promote his work and apologized, but the artist’s criticisms rapidly turned racial. “I didn’t ask you to come to America to steal our work,” he said, and went on to call her a “Chinese cockroach.”

Although she was able to depart the area without additional incident, she was visibly rattled up by the encounter. Sadly, this is just one of many instances where strangers have shown racist behavior to Twitch users. One such instance occurred last year when Twitch star ExtraEmily was subjected to racist remarks while streaming.