Streamer AlecAfterHours Floods Gym

Rose Andres Amiel July 18, 2023
Streamer AlecAfterHours Floods Gym

Due to an ice bath and a subpar setup, AlecAfterHours, a Twitch streamer, was able to generate a little flood at his gym.

Aspiring streamers frequently feel pressure to come up with concepts and produce material that will draw viewers. There are many ways to become a Twitch celebrity, including reaction videos, gaming speed runs, and physical feats. This might cause foolish actions and catastrophe for some people. Alec is growing a fan base and, at the time of writing, has about 1,000 subscribers, despite not yet being among the most well-known Twitch streamers of all time. He specializes on fitness programming, streaming his workouts while taking breaks to talk to viewers about other workout approaches. He also dabbles with streaming video games from time to time, like Fortnite and Dark Souls. The recent event that overflowed his gym started as a fitness-related feed.

On July 11, Alec ended his training with an ice bath near the mouth of a brook. A cold bath, popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts, helps hasten the recovery of sore muscles after an intense workout. The fitness streamer dove in a tiny tub he had placed in the center of his gym. Up until he finished and emerged, the dip proceeded without a hitch. The tub could be seen swaying in the backdrop as Alec spoke to his audience while drying off.

At initially, neither the streamer nor his viewers seemed to notice the wobbling, but it got worse with time. 

Alec said that he could have made a mistake by placing a piece of plaster under the tub after he realized what had happened. The plaster seemed to degrade and twist when it got wet, creating an unsteady surface for the bath. Alec continued by saying that he would be seriously hurt if the tub overflowed. The tub then overturned as if on cue, dripping water all over the gym floor. As a result, his gym was transformed into an ice setting fit for an Ice-type gym leader from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. On the good side, Alec had earlier disclosed that he was the gym’s owner and that nobody else was present because it was late at night. So, aside from the damage he needed to repair, he was out of everyone else’s bad graces. However, the incident demonstrates how live streaming may go wrong. Although an ice bath has its own risks, they may not be as great as those associated with streaming during a thunderstorm. 

If Alec is lucky, this accident will increase the number of subscribers to his channel. In the meantime, Twitch could use some up-and-coming talent on its platform given the competition from the new service Kick.