Stranger Confronts Knut

Rose Andres Amiel June 5, 2023
Stranger Confronts Knut

Twitch streamer Knut was astonished when an irate guy confronted him while he was shooting in the street during an in-person stream.

IRL streaming is one of the most well-liked genres on Twitch, directly below general “Just Chatting” streams. IRL streaming frequently don’t go as expected, with artists getting into fights at Burger King or even being pursued by monkeys. Knut, a Twitch streamer, was recently astonished when a man contacted him in anger for recording an IRL stream while it was going on. 

In the scene on June 1, Knut was live streaming through his town’s streets when a furious man approached him from the other side of the street. The man questioned Knut what he was doing before quickly leaving, appearing upset about why Knut was filming him. Knut laughed it off and continued walking in the opposite direction. He said, “I must say, I didn’t feel like I was approaching him.”

It’s a good thing for Knut that no serious incidents occurred during the altercation because things could have been lot worse for the Twitch streamer. While on vacation in Texas, Knut collaborated with OTK’s Mizkif, Esfand, and others and became recognized for his insane muscle mass, bodybuilding streams, and other activities.