Shroud Takes On Jeff Nerfs

Ennan Zapanta May 2, 2022
Shroud Takes On Jeff Nerfs

Riot Games announced on April 20th that Patch 4.08 will bring big Jett changes to VALORANT. The devs decided to reduce the agent’s signature Tailwind, which is widely regarded as Jett’s strongest suit in both solo and competitive play. 

Players are now questioning how the changes will affect the metagame. Shroud, a well-known broadcaster and content creator, has shared his thoughts on the subject. 

The former pro talked about how the imminent Jett changes will affect the game. He believes Yoru will be picked more frequently as a result of the nerfs. He said on his stream; “With the new Jett changes, I actually can see way more Yoru’s coming out. In my opinion, Jett is not going to be, she’s still going to be picked, but I don’t think she’ll be picked as much.”

Jett’s biggest advantage, according to Shroud, is her dash, which is exactly what Riot is focusing on in the next patch.  

Shroud explained; “The main thing that makes her good is not her daggers, whatever. It’s the fucking dash on every single round, perfectly. Imagine having a fucking getaway every round, whenever you want… I think Yoru is coming.”

Jett’s Tailwind will soon be changed to let her to use the dash for 12 seconds after pressing the ability. Players will have one second to dash when the ability is engaged, and if they don’t do so within those 12 seconds, the ability will just expire.