Shroud Enjoys Huge Increase In Viewership

Ennan Zapanta July 13, 2022
Shroud Enjoys Huge Increase In Viewership

Following years of being a full-time streamer, Michael “shroud” Grzesiek has decided to return to the professional spotlight.

His shocking Sentinels revelation has resulted in a significant increase in Twitch viewers as they check in ahead of his Valorant debut. 

Shroud, a former CS:GO legend who is now a Twitch superstar, announced his return to competitive play on July 8 in a move that no one anticipated. But shroud is now the newest Valorant pro for Sentinels, not a roster player in the well-known CS scene. While several inquiries quickly followed, Shroud reassured them that he was prepared to give it everything. To get ready for the VCT NA Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ), which will take place in August before Valorous Champions, this entails practicing daily, putting in the necessary time for VOD review, and even traveling to a bootcamp. 

The comeback of the CS legend has significantly increased the number of people who watch his own channel, and it all started with one of the most popular esports announcements in recent memory. Shroud has been dividing his time between a variety of MMO, Battle Royale, and FPS games on Twitch over the past few months. He’s played a variety of games, from Lost Ark to World of Warcraft, a decent amount of Diablo Immortal, and The Cycle: Frontier. 

Despite the ebb and flow of new releases, Valorant always ranked among his most-played songs. Following the announcement, shroud’s Twitch viewership has soared, focusing solely on Riot’s Tactical FPS.

He streamed to an average of 18,000 viewers over the course of the three days before his professional comeback. According to statistics on SullyGnome, in the three days after his Sentinels announcement, he streamed to an impressive average of 45,000 viewers, a 150 percent increase. On the day the news broke, Shroud’s highest audience was just under 73,000 viewers, a 59 percent increase over his second-best broadcast in the previous month. In addition, he also picked up nearly 50,000 followers in a matter of days. It appears that many people are looking forward to shroud’s comeback to professional competition and are especially interested in seeing how the CS veteran performs in a brand-new game.

When Sentinels play the NA LCQ in August, shroud’s debut will undoubtedly be one of the most watched Valorant games of the year, if his personal streams give any clue.