Politics And Twitch

TwitchAddict March 19, 2021
Politics And Twitch

Twitch and Politics connection has been growing. Twitch streamers such as Hutch and AOC are using the streaming platform to interact with the youth and discuss political issues.

American Commentator and Twitch Streamer Shaun Hutchinson also known as Hutch is known for his political debates while playing in-person shooter games. He has been followed by hundreds of thousands of users on Twitch. Also, Bronx Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez AKA as AOC is an avid gamer with over 800k Twitch followers.

Both of these streamers’ viewers are not only watching them because of them playing games, most of them watch them because of their political discussion and political issues. AOC also became the hot topic last year after she streams and played with different Twitch stars like Pokimane, Sykkuno, and many more. She played Among Us while campaigning. She purposely streams so that she can convince and motivate youth to register and vote for the upcoming election before.

Some experts also believe that streaming platform Twitch is a potential game-changer for reshaping politics just like Twitter and Facebook.