Pokimane Talks About Female Streamers

Rose Andres Amiel June 28, 2023
Pokimane Talks About Female Streamers

In response to persistent reaction for criticising Kick, Pokimane spoke out about the “sad truth” that female streamers must confront when expressing their “honest ideas” or speaking their minds.

The female broadcaster with the most followers on Twitch is Imane “Pokimane” Anys. Although she has faced criticism in the past for doing things like going without makeup on a stream or making her own VTuber avatar, the most recent incident against her is igniting a heated discussion online. Most recently, Pokimane attacked Kick harshly, objecting to the website being supported by the gambling platform Stake. In the past, Poki has been vehemently opposed to the promotion of gambling on streaming websites. As one of the prominent streamers who opposed its presence on Twitch during the site’s gambling “dramageddon” in 2022, Poki has made this position clear.

The streamer believes she has been unfairly harassed as a result of her opinion, with many social media users and even other streamers criticising her attitude in a way that her fans have dubbed sexist and misogynistic. In a broadcast on June 26, Pokimane seemed to address the criticism when she talked about the “sad truth” of being a female streamer. 

She said; “You know what the sad truth is? The way that people treat me deters any other woman in the space from genuinely talking about their honest opinions or behaving how they probably really want to, because they recognize the treatment that they can expect. I will never forget one time, I had a girl come up to me, and she was like, ‘Oh, I stream sometimes.’ She basically said, ‘I’m way too scared to stream without makeup, because I saw what people did to you.’ I was like, that’s so f*cking sad.” 

During this period, Pokimane has faced criticism from both viewers and other creators. OnlyFans star and streamer Corinna Kopf described Pokimane as “self-righteous” for saying that she would not “compromise her principles and ethics” by perhaps joining Kick. Whatever the circumstances, it’s obvious that Pokimane’s viewpoint on the subject has generated a lot of discussion as the platform seeks out more and more prominent producers to challenge Twitch, even vying for a potential agreement with Poki.