Pokimane Surprise Raid Streamer yeetitsnikki

Rose Andres Amiel July 5, 2023
Pokimane Surprise Raid Streamer yeetitsnikki

Twitch phenomenon Pokimane unexpectedly attacked ‘yeetitsnikki’s’ channel, bringing in a startling 13,000 viewers, catapulting the up-and-coming star into the limelight in an emotional whirlwind.

Pokimane, an undisputed powerhouse in the Twitch community, has a large following of devoted fans and a strong commitment to upholding her morals and values. In contrast, Nikki, also known as “yeetitsnikki” on Twitch, is a relatively insignificant streamer. That was the situation, at least, up until today. Nikki was only in her second “IRL” stream when she and her family visited Coney Island. The idea behind Nikki’s show was straightforward yet entertaining: viewers could donate and offer a question for her to pose to the general public as long as it wasn’t offensive. After an hour of streaming, Nikki experienced a surge of surprise and joy as Pokimane’s followers flocked to her Twitch channel, driving up her viewership.

Nikki initially struggled with believing what was happening because of her shock and exhilaration. “You’re lying! Dude, Pokimane! I don’t believe this. What the f***. Pokimane… Like, Pokimane? There’s absolutely no way.” 

As donations began to arrive, she quickly lost her sense of incredulity and was overcome with delight as she easily surpassed her daily subscription goal. In the midst of her sudden popularity and notoriety, Nikki started to tremble. “I’m freaking out. You’re amazing. I have nothing else to say. Pokimane, you’re amazing. I’m shaking.”

Nearby witnesses were bewildered by Nikki’s reactions due to their extreme intensity and were unable to determine what prompted them. “I can’t believe this is happening again. We have 13,000 people in here. No one around me gets what’s happening. They think I’m going crazy.” Nikki was overcome with emotion and started crying. Her hands were visibly shaking as she uttered a genuine “Thank you so much,” then hurried out to tell her mother about the development. The family reunion on stream was genuine as members of Nikki’s family appeared and thanked Pokimane. The happiness and surprise were contagious.

Nikki collected herself when she turned back to the camera and appropriately thanked Pokimane and her community. “First of all, Poki. I’m a huge fan. For real, every YouTube video, every f***ng VOD, I’m there, bro. I’m there. To the Poki community, welcome in. This is my second IRL stream ever, and all my family is right here.”

This unexpected raid from Pokimane came just days after a raid of a similar nature on Nikki’s channel by Mizkif. ‘Yeetitsnikki’ is undoubtedly being embraced by the Twitch community, and this most recent episode is a lovely reminder of the delight and surprise that well-known streamers can offer to others.