Pokimane Stunned by Viewer

TwitchAddict November 12, 2021
Pokimane Stunned by Viewer

One of the most popular female streamers on the platform, Imane Anys aka Pokimane was recently left speechless after a viewer made a raunchy remark about her Bearbrick, forever altering the collectible’s meaning for her.

Over the previous few years, Pokimane’s Twitch chat has become somewhat of a meme. She’s a Twitch celebrity, which has resulted in a slew of issues with “simps” derailing broadcast discussions. There’s no such thing as an off-limits situation. Whether she’s buying a new skateboard for the background of her stream or playing games, a viewer will eventually offer her money.

This time, it was about her Bearbrick collectible.

She explained; “I’m sorry, I read something in chat and it really hurt my brain,” Bearbricks (or BE@RBRICKS) are a Japan collectible toy that has become a ‘hypebeast’ staple in recent years. They’re available in a variety of designs, ranging from superhero prints to flags to plain text. Someone had to make a filthy joke about it, of course.

Pokimane explained, deadpan into the camera; “Someone said ‘wow I see you got a Bearbrick, that’s relatable because I’m bricked the f**k up,’ Now I want to throw it in the trash. It was $300.”

The entire Bearbrick craze is destroyed in Poki’s eyes, because she’ll only think of that comment when she looks at her Space Invaders-themed toy. “Every time I look at this poor bear, that’s what I’m going to think of. That’s so sad bro.”