Pokimane Shares Thoughts About Threads

Rose Andres Amiel July 10, 2023
Pokimane Shares Thoughts About Threads

Imane “Pokimane,” a popular streamer on Twitch, joined Twitter’s rival site Threads and gave her opinions on it.

The content creator shared her excitement about joining the space on July 6, 2023. But she was “a little terrified” of how it might develop over time. Former OfflineTV participant: “NGL (not going to lie), it’s exciting to be a part of something new, but I’m also a bit scared about how this app will over the next couple of weeks. Let’s keep it fun and wholesome forever, yeah?”

She continued by saying that she now favors Threads to Twitter: “i already like threads more than twitter lol” 

The streamer also mentioned Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, and claimed that Threads is a “banger” social media site: “@Zuck, thank you. I know times were tough with the Metaverse stuff and surfing memes – but this, this app right here, is a banger. God bless you.”