Pokimane Reply To Linus

Ennan Zapanta May 10, 2022
Pokimane Reply To Linus

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, a popular streamer, has responded to LinusTechTips’s nasty comments after she suggested various commercial locations on Twitch to make them less annoying.

According to a Bloomberg story from April, additional adjustments are being evaluated for implementation this summer that might result in the top Twitch streamers losing 20% of their revenue. Additionally, as the Amazon-owned streaming service strives for greater revenue, it has served an increasing number of advertising over time. They’ve grown a lot more intrusive, according to both streamers and viewers. Ads spoiling the live-viewing experience has been increasingly widespread in recent years, prompting the platform’s top creators to urge adjustments. 

Pokimane’s idea, on the other hand, was not warmly received by fellow creator LinusTechTips. 

Pokimane suggested on April 27th that Twitch introduce advertisements that do not immediately interfere with the content. She went on to say that she recognizes ads help the site earn money, but that placing them in the sidebar, picture in picture, or as an underlay would greatly improve the viewing experience. 

LinusTechTips, while not addressing Pokimane by name, blatantly criticized her in a female voice in his recent podcast for her “terrible take.” He emphasized that the proposal would not produce nearly as much money and so would not make sense. 

Pokimane was upset by Linus’ “hurtful” remarks and retaliated. She replied in the tweet stating; “Hey, just saw a clip where you discussed my tweet on your podcast. I wanted to let you know that I felt the way you read my tweet in a mocking tone and referred to me as a ‘nameless creator’ albeit also replying to this tweet was odd and hurtful. I understand that less aggressive forms of advertising aren’t as profitable, but that doesn’t mean the current system is the best one. In my opinion, further interrupting the essence of what makes streaming special, the live interaction is more detrimental to Twitch than the 50/50 split instead of 70/30.” 

The tech star apologized and admitted that he was “frustrated” after learning firsthand how tough it is to develop a long-term video platform. Linus volunteered to help Pokimane with her newfound multi-platform independence as a way of making amends. Advertisements on the streaming site are becoming increasingly invasive, although as previously said, they are critical to the service’s success.