Pokimane Give Away Over $10,000

Rose Andres Amiel May 17, 2023
Pokimane Give Away Over $10,000

Imane “Pokimane” Anys, a Twitch streamer, gave smaller streamers almost $10,000. She recently celebrated her 27th birthday by surprising several Twitch streamers in a touching YouTube video, which she shared as part of her celebration.

One of the most popular female Twitch streamers, Pokimane has over 9.3 million subscribers. She keeps busy as the chief creative officer and co-founder of RTS talent management as well as the creative director of the apparel line Cloak when she isn’t streaming or playing video games.

Pokimane still engages with her fans even though she isn’t streaming frequently anymore through TikTok videos, Instagram Stories, and YouTube vlogs.

Pokimane said in a YouTube video that she would be awarding a total of $10,000 to smaller streamers who her fans had recommended in honor of her birthday on May 14. Pokimane decided to add a wrinkle since she had last given money to random streamers almost three years prior: she would give them the choice of taking the money or double it and giving it to a different streamer. In the video, Pokimane began with smaller sums—like $200 and $400—and gradually increased them. The biggest donation she made was $6,400, which was given to a streamer in need of a new computer. In addition to giving money, Pokimane gave Twitch subs to every streamer she encountered, with one streamer receiving over 100 subs to help them accomplish their goal. She first stated that she would only give away $10,000, but ultimately received more donations than that.

Many fans thanked Pokimane in the YouTube comments for the assistance she gave the Twitch streamers and praised her generosity. In the comments section of the video, a few of the featured streamers expressed their shock at her decision to support their channels with cash and subscriber donations.

Other well-known online personalities like MrBeast, Disguised Toast, and Jacksepticeye have published movies with a similar theme in the past, thus Pokimane is not the only streamer who has followed this pattern. This kind of content is well-liked due to how wholesome it is, in addition to the fact that it is fascinating to watch the Twitch streamers’ shocked responses when they discover the donations. It’s challenging to be a Twitch broadcaster or YouTube content producer, especially for newcomers who are just beginning to grow their fan base.

It could be difficult to do it full-time for the first few months or years, but it’s encouraging to see people like Pokimane helping those who might need a little additional encouragement.