Ninja And Ludwig Responds To Claims

Rose Andres Amiel June 6, 2023
Ninja And Ludwig Responds To Claims

In response to assertions that content creators are “not responsible” for the actions of their audience, Ludwig and Ninja both agreed that influencers do in fact have some responsibility for their community.

The question of whether celebrities are accountable for the acts of their following has long been up for debate. Non-traditional superstars like streamers and YouTubers frequently struggle with this issue in the age of internet influencers. One such YouTuber was IDubbbz, who on May 18 posted a video expressing regret for his prior work and how it affected his followers. In response to the video, Twitch broadcaster Stanz said that producers are very much accountable for their fans. 

But immediately after, a YouTube commentator named WillyMacShow disagreed, commenting on the video and saying, “You’re not responsible for your own audience unless you directly tell them to do something… If you have 100,000 viewers, statistically speaking, one of them is going to be unhinged.”

However, as soon as Ludwig saw the sentiment on his timeline, he immediately disagreed with it. “The argument that ‘statistically 1/100,000 people will be unhinged so you bear no responsibility on the other 99,999’ is incredibly weak,” he said, which then caught the eye of another popular figure on the internet today. 

As Ninja stated, “You aren’t responsible for them, but you have a responsibility to be a good role model and leader, especially when you are talking about sensitive topics.” WillyMac responded to Ludwig’s tweet, saying, “Obviously if 99,999 of your 100,000 viewers are being racist, then you are responsible for that.” 

Then he responded to Ninja; “When I made my YouTube account, I didn’t realize I signed up to be everyone’s dad.”

WillyMac continued to explain his viewpoint by stating that it is the creator’s obligation if they are instructing their audience to harass someone or disseminating false information or frauds.