New World Vinespun Weapon Skins

TwitchAddict September 28, 2021
New World Vinespun Weapon Skins

The Vinespun weapon skins are New World cosmetics that can be obtained through Twitch drops, which entails doing very little. The purple from the Twitch logo is beautifully integrated into the appearances of the game’s weapons, transforming them into regal and quasi-Nordic fascinations. Here’s how you can get your hands on your own Vinespun weapons.

Amazon Games hosted a Battle for New World event during the beta period for New World. 66 Twitch content creators from Europe and North America took part in this event, which featured a war between New Worlds factions.

To get your hands on a set, simply link your Twitch account to your Steam account, ensure that drops are enabled for your Twitch account, and spend at least an hour watching one of the 66 approved streamers.

The longer you watch, the more skins you’ll be able to unlock.

You’ll find a skin in the Notifications tab on Twitch once you’ve unlocked it. It should appear in your inventory the next time you log into New World.