New Twitch Drinking Rules

Ennan Zapanta July 5, 2022
New Twitch Drinking Rules

With millions of content creators using the site, Twitch is one of the most popular livestreaming platforms in the world. Even while Twitch permits a variety of content, all streamers on the network are ultimately subject to the terms of service of the website.

All banned actions while using the streaming platform are covered by Twitch’s ToS. Depending on the severity of the infringement and the number of total bans on the account, violations of the ToS can result in anything from brief suspensions to lifelong bans. Twitch has received harsh criticism in the past for making arbitrary decisions, but the company has made it clear what its policies are on drugs and alcohol. 

If a Twitch streamer is of legal drinking age in their home country, they are permitted to consume alcohol while doing so. However, it is against the law to consume alcohol in a risky manner, and binge drinking might get you banned. Even though consuming alcohol is permitted, Twitch has the right to suspend any account they believe to be spreading hazardous or offensive information. 

On Twitch, drunk streams or drinking streams are quite popular and are often used to create laid-back content or interact with the community. Users can operate a successful drunk broadcast, but there are a few things to watch out for. 

Streamers are not permitted to take subscriptions or donations in return for any type of alcoholic beverage, including drinks and shots. Drinking games can be made by content creators in-game or through their chats as long as there is no connection to any transaction involving money. Additionally, it is strongly advised that streamers who are broadcasting while intoxicated turn on the website’s mature audience setting. 

In the end, streamers are entirely permitted to consume alcohol while they are live, but it is advisable to be aware of your own limitations, abide by local drinking regulations, and steer clear of any potential financial incentives.