MoistCr1TiKal Refuse Sneako Boxing Match

Rose Andres Amiel March 22, 2023
MoistCr1TiKal Refuse Sneako Boxing Match

Following his humiliation of the controversial influencer in a trending video, YouTube sensation MoistCr1TiKal says he is not interested in engaging in a boxing bout with Sneako.

Thanks to his sardonic humor and incisive comments on current events, Charles “MoistCr1TiKal” White has established himself as a household figure on the internet. But because of his universally praised answer to a content creator by the name of “Sneako,” he has subsequently attained the status of “internet deity.” Because of his opinions on women, Sneako is infamous for idolizing the contentious commentator Andrew Tate. 

Although Sneako and Moist had been at odds for some time, their conflict intensified after Sneako displayed some firearms while criticizing the creation of his adversary on a livestream. 

In a video that has received over 9 million views, Moist responded, instructing Sneako on the correct terminology for weapons while exhibiting his own collection. His remark left fans both amazed and horrified, and there has since been considerable online chatter about a potential boxing battle between the two creators. During an episode of “The Official Podcast” on March 20, Moist addressed the rumors and stated that he had no desire to spar with Sneako in the ring.

One of his co-hosts brought up the Sneako issue and inquired, “So Charlie, what’s this I hear about you fighting cuckolds now?” Charles laughed, “No, I won’t be fighting cuckolds.”

Although Sneako claimed during a discussion with Adin Ross that Charles “looks like a homeless dude,” Sneako has stated that he is willing to compete against Charles “in any weight class.”

Sneako responded, “I would very much like to fight him at any point and at any weight class. I would walk up to him and I would look him dead in the eye and say, ‘All that stuff you said in your videos, say it to my face right now.’ And I know that he would freeze up and not say a word.”

Netizens are more eager than ever for some good, old-fashioned influencer conflict with Creator Clash just around the corner, but it appears that this is one feud that won’t be resolved with a punch to the face.