Meowko Talks About Twitch Ban

Rose Andres Amiel May 31, 2023
Meowko Talks About Twitch Ban

Meowko, a Twitch streamer, has been kicked off the site for what she claims is a very odd reason.

Meowko, a renowned Twitch streamer that broadcasts a variety of content, has over 350,000 followers who watch her Just Chatting and other broadcasts. Despite her large fan base, the Japanese broadcaster hasn’t always enjoyed streaming because she’s been banned numerous times over the years. Now, on May 30, viewers were astounded to see that she had received yet another ban, this time for a rather obscure reason.

Meowko took to social media shortly after receiving a Twitch ban to announce her three-day suspension. Twitch notified her that the violation happened “on her channel profile,” but for one very important reason, she finds this to be completely incomprehensible. “My profile bio which I haven’t changed for 3 years was against TOS apparently,” she said.

It is really strange that despite many other bans, her profile had no troubles for such a long time. She doesn’t appear to be really concerned about the three-day penalty, in any event. She added, indicating that this won’t inconvenience her in the slightest; “Anyways, I was not gonna be streaming for the next few days due to traveling to South Korea.”

This is undoubtedly one of the strangest ban justifications we’ve seen so far this year, though it’s possible that Twitch made a mistake and she will be unbanned before the three days are up. We’ve seen “innocent” streamer emotes get banned in the past, and Forsen had to deal with a week-long suspension after watching “questionable” AI VTuber content.