Ludwig Saves Streamer HasanAbi

Ennan Zapanta July 5, 2022
Ludwig Saves Streamer HasanAbi

Hasan “Hasan” Piker, a Twitch streamer, got himself into trouble after an embarrassing interaction with an enthusiastic fan. But Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren, a friend, quickly came to his aid.

Content creators have long shown their appreciation for the support of their fans. Many have frequently expressed their gratitude by holding giveaways of prizes or by kindly giving their followers a portion of their millions. However, not every interaction is successful. When meeting excited followers for the first time, several broadcasters have encountered strange scenarios. One such instance included Ludwig and Hasan, a Twitch star who was performing at an OTV event with Hasan when a fan approached them and requested to “kiss” Hasan.

At the OTV event on July 4th, well-known streamers from all throughout the community showed up in their drones, including friends Ludwig and Hasan. One fan approached Hasan at the event and asked if she may “give [him] a kiss” as the two greeted a crowd of fans. Immediately, he said “no.”

She stated that she was asked to make the move by her “boyfriend.” However, when Hasan rejected the suggestion several times, another onlooker suggested that her boyfriend give him a kiss instead. It wasn’t long until Ludwig rushed in to save the day and put a humorous end to the uncomfortable scenario as he watched in shock.

To the pleasure of the viewers, Ludwig leaned in for a quick peck with the YouTuber after asking Hasan if he may instead receive a quick kiss.

Even if the overly eager fans did not get their desire, Ludwig and Hasan’s adorable encounter made them feel much better in the end.