Ludwig Invited To A Game Of High-Stakes Poker

TwitchAddict February 23, 2021
Ludwig Invited To A Game Of High-Stakes Poker

Youtuber Jimmy Donaldson recently invited twitch streamer Ludwig to join their game of high-stakes poker. After MrBeast’s poker game with Daily Dose on youtube, Daily Dose posted a tweet saying that; “MrBeast, I want to face you in Poker again”.

It caught the attention of several internet personalities including Twitch streamer Ludwig and 100 Thieves Content Creator CouRage. Ludwig replied to Daily Dose’s tweet stating; “Wait, both of you play poker?”

Shortly after, MrBeast replied inviting Ludwig to join them in their game. While CouRage also replied showing interest in joining the aforementioned streamers. It seems like CouRage who isn’t one to shy away from a challenge as he also went on to state that he will easily dominate.

Courage wrote; “I will dominate you all”. Even though the streamers fell short of shedding more light on the same, the stakes will undoubtedly be very high, and it will be intriguing to see how the cards unfold.