Karl Jacobs And AustinShow Join Misfits

Rose Andres Amiel March 12, 2023
Karl Jacobs And AustinShow Join Misfits

With the unveiling of a new owner, creative director, content creator, and executive producer, Misfits Gaming Group made a splash today. Karl Jacobs and AustinShow, two well-known individuals, will fill those jobs.

With expertise creating content for MrBeast, Minecraft, the enduringly popular Dream SMP, and his own podcast, Banter, which he co-hosts with Sapnap and GeorgeNotFound, Jacobs assumes the roles of owner and creative director. After spending a considerable amount of time working as a content creator for 100 Thieves and producing a large number of popular chat and gaming shows on Twitch, AustinShow will join as an executive producer and content creator. 

According to the Misfits statement, AustinShow and Jacobs will create new content for Misfits in all areas.

The organization stated in a press release that this content will be “jointly-owned IP for distribution across an across various platforms.” Thus, it appears that Misfits will aim to increase its content production as a whole, rather than simply for individual content creators. One show that will play a significant role in the early stages of AustinShow’s and Jacobs’ respective Misfits careers is already known: the return of AustinShow’s game show Name Your Price, which was formerly broadcast on the revived (and later shut down) G4TV. It seems sense that Misfits would desire to make it possible for AustinShow to continue producing Name Your Price in addition to developing additional new game and conversation shows for the company. AustinShow initially found success on Twitch through generating stream game shows like Love or Host.

Jacobs notably highlighted CEO Ben Spoont’s vision for the creator-led trajectory of the company, while AustinShow also cited Misfits as “empowering” them in their new jobs with the organization. 

Jacobs said, “Ben’s given me the freedom to both act as Misfits’ creative director, allowing me to help shape the voice and content strategy, and as a content creator, allowing me to bring my most ambitious ideas to life with awesome collaborations and beautiful production,”

The two will join a Misfits roster that comprises a growing number of content creators, including Hikaru Nakamura, the grandmaster of chess, and QTCinderella, the brains behind the Streamer Awards. The two have the talent and star power to make Misfits into a content powerhouse with this infrastructure at their backs and a complete organization of creators to work with.