IShowSpeed Has A Close Call

Rose Andres Amiel March 22, 2023
IShowSpeed Has A Close Call

On March 21, 2023, YouTube celebrity Darren “IShowSpeed” made a comeback to his channel. The streamer chose to perform a live bench press on stream after having a brief Just Chatting segment.

He started with light repetitions but increased the barbell’s weight when he saw he could lift it with ease. IShowSpeed, however, had a close call while he was lifting the bigger weights, so things did not go as planned. IShowSpeed positioned the barbell on his chest after completing one set. He called for assistance right away, yelling in panic that he couldn’t breathe: “Help! I can’t breathe! Stop, stop! I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!”

The in-house gym was made public by IShowSpeed on March 21 at the 01:45 point of his program. Then he put up the bench press apparatus and made the decision to begin with some light weights. He declared: “All right, so we’re going to go light. We’ll start off light. One set, two sets, real quick. Let’s go! Oh s**t.”

Viewers urged the former Twitch streamer to work on his form as he effortlessly lifted the object. He answered: “All right. What was it? Two plates? 245? Let’s do around 245. ‘Fix your form.’ F**k you mean, ‘Fix your form?’ You know who the f**k you’re talking to? Motherf**ker! Fix your form. Do you know who the f**k you’re talking to, boy?!”

Darren raised the weight on the barbell and made an effort to lift 245 pounds after making some changes. But he quickly realized he couldn’t pull it off. After replacing a few plates, he stood up and declared: “We’re going to do 20, all right? Here we go. That’s better. We’ve put 20 on here.”

This time, IShowSpeed was successful in bench pressing. The YouTuber was unable to lift more weight after performing just one rep, though. He cried out that he couldn’t breathe when the heavyweight landed on his chest. The content creator placed the bar where he could crawl under it. After safely exiting, Darren said that he “almost died” and was out of breath. “Inshallah! I almost died. Oh, my god! I almost died! Oh, my f**king god! No more again. Chat, should we do it again, bro? Holy s**t! Chat, should I go again? Oh s**t! I almost died. What the s**t.”