IShowSpeed Banned From YouTube

Rose Andres Amiel March 5, 2023
IShowSpeed Banned From YouTube

Fans of IShowSpeed’s primary YouTube channel, which has around 16 million subscribers, have been informed that the channel has been immediately banned. It appears to be since Sunday, February 26, when he last streamed.

The celebrity claims that he “cannot stream or do anything” on that channel because he was barred for unawarely seeing the copyrighted FIFA Dior Award Ceremony live on stream. Even though IShowSpeed acknowledged that what he did was “very dumb,” he did it nevertheless because, as a football fan, he truly wanted to know who won. When they gave him a strike, he chose to disregard it since he believed it was related to a specific highlight rather than the stream as a whole. He continued by saying that he would have stopped had he known that in advance. 

The popular YouTuber made no comments regarding the duration of the ban. Even if he didn’t say that was his intention, there’s a good probability he’ll try to challenge and appeal it if it’s for a long time.

What’s intriguing is that while he continued stating how much he loved his fans and used words like “I’m gone,” some people seemed to take it as a final farewell, leading them to feel it wasn’t serious. After all, IShowSpeed is known for playing practical jokes, so perhaps they are not convinced. Fans flooded the video’s comments section with messages such as “hopes he’ll be back someday,” “sad to see him go,” “he will never be forgotten,” and “loved the content while it lasted.”

Speed’s YouTube ban statement appears to have caused more misunderstanding at this point than anything else. If he does decide to stream tomorrow, it might be one of his funnier recent pranks.