HasanAbi Responds To Kick Streamer

Rose Andres Amiel May 7, 2023
HasanAbi Responds To Kick Streamer

Twitch star Hasan Piker dismissed any concerns after Kick streamer Cuffem threatened to “kill” him over copyright conflict with Adin Ross in a totally unconcerned manner.

Hasan and Adin Ross have been exchanging opinions for a while now on a variety of subjects, including Adin’s relationship to Andrew Tate, but their exchanges have greatly increased recently. Hasan criticized Adin for filing bogus copyright complaints against several YouTube creators, calling it “a new level of stupidity” in light of Adin’s joy at having the content reported. 

After Hasan’s reaction, Kick broadcaster Cuffem inexplicably entered the dispute and threatened to “kill” the Twitch star. Hasan doesn’t seem to be planning to hire a bodyguard anytime soon, either. During his May 2 stream, the political streamer was informed of the threat, and he immediately shared it with his followers. The nature of the threat didn’t bother him at all, though. Hasan exclaimed, “This is hilarious. That’s awesome dude, that’s so stupid. I don’t even know who this motherf*cker is dude, what the f*ck?”

Hasan’s viewers began making fun of Cuffem’s video right away, which made the streamer laugh even more while remaining unconcerned about anything. After one Twitter reply suggested he would pursue legal action against the Kick streamer, he did say he’s unlikely to waste time doing so. For the record, Hasan said, “For the record, I’m not going to sue this person or whatever.”

Given that Hasan and Adin have been at odds for a while, it won’t be long until another issue arises that sets them at odds once more.