Hasan Offers Thoughts About Grace And FaZe Rain Drama

Rose Andres Amiel June 1, 2023
Hasan Offers Thoughts About Grace And FaZe Rain Drama

Hasan, a Twitch celebrity, didn’t waste any time calling FaZe Rain a “failure” for making crude remarks about Grace Van Dien, the Stranger Things actress, after she joined the team.

FaZe Clan, an esports and entertainment organization, is going through a difficult period as many of its founding members are criticizing the organisation for recent corporate actions. The team’s May 25 announcement that it had signed Stranger Things actress Grace Van Dien as a streamer sparked a particularly angry response from co-founder Nordan ‘Rain’ Shat, and things quickly heated up.

He not only revealed her inclusion on the org’s roster a few days early, but he also made some startling comments to the actress after she retaliated against his claim that she had “made Stranger Things her entire personality.” Most notably, Rain called the actress “excruciatingly mid, who I would never let touch me on my drunkest night,” before criticizing her for not understanding what “trickshotting” was. 

Grace responded to his comments by bringing up Rain’s prior battle with drug addiction. Many criticized Grace’s remark as a “low blow,” which led to even more criticism of the organization’s newest member. However, a number of other well-known figures in the gaming industry have spoken out in favor of Grace, the most recent of whom is Twitch streamer and political pundit Hasan. Hasan chose to respond to the incident during a show on May 29. He specifically called Rain a “loser” for his “cringe” statements regarding Grace. 

He blasted, mocking Rain’s complaints about Grace not knowing what a trickshot was; “What kind of f*ckin’ dork s*ht is this? It’s 2023, dog! What the f*ck are you talking about trick shots, dumb*ss? Who the f*ck cares! I’m all in support of you trying to turn around and trying to get control of this brand, okay? But what the f*ck are you doing? …perhaps this is precisely the reason why you f*ckin’ lost control of the brand to begin with, because a bunch of you unhinged weirdos behave this way.” 

Additionally, he learned that Rain had “pre-blocked” him on Twitter before he ever responded to the situation, which led him to publicly joke about it. Hasan is the most recent streamer to publicly endorse Grace, joining Disguised Toast and Asmongold in doing so. Grace has come under fire since joining FaZe and has since received criticism for it.