Hasan And xQc Have ‘Fractured Relationship’

Ennan Zapanta June 19, 2022
Hasan And xQc Have ‘Fractured Relationship’

Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker has spoken out about his emotional—and now bitter—reaction to not making Felix “xQc” Lengyel’s list of top Twitch and YouTube streamers.

He claims their strained relationship—which was sparked by his criticism of xQc’s gambling sponsorship streams—played a significant impact. 

During his June 16th live, Hasan admitted, “I’ve been very frustrated with Felix for some time now. As you guys know, he’s stayed over at my place when he needed a place to stay, all this sort of stuff. We were definitely a little bit closer back in the day.”

When xQc restarted his sponsored gambling streams, though, everything changed. Hasan claimed their friendship has “fallen apart” and expressed his disappointment in him for neglecting the moral implications of what he did. He reacted because these emotions had been building for some time. He added; “I have been very outspoken about my opinion on gambling streamers and gambling sponsorships. I just wish he wouldn’t do it. He has more money than god.”

He acknowledged that’s why he made the decision to tweet the first time, accusing xQc of excluding him from the streamer tier list just because he stopped inviting him to discuss political hot topics on live. 

Hasan doesn’t think xQc should profit from sponsored gambling streams at the expense of young people who like and look up to him, and until that situation changes, he won’t back down from his position. From a moral perspective, he doesn’t agree with xQc’s opposition to the idea of “milking” his society for gaming money because it appears to him that xQc doesn’t care about it. 

xQc is a “very kind individual” outside of streaming, but it goes out the window on Twitch because he’s “the content goblin,” he concluded on a good note.