Fans Tracked Down Ludwig’s ‘Dream’ Car

Rose Andres Amiel March 5, 2023
Fans Tracked Down Ludwig’s ‘Dream’ Car

Ludwig Ahgren, one of the most well-known members of the streaming community, has a sizable fan base.

As a result, when he revealed the theft of his dream car in a YouTube video on March 1, many of his followers flocked to the streets of Los Angeles to learn more. Ludwig’s prized possession was ultimately located and captured after a two-day frantic hunt. Ludwig used to record The Yard podcast in the same warehouse where the 1997 Subaru Sambar was parked. The warehouse door was left ajar during the recent storms in LA, and a robber crept inside to take the truck. 

Ludwig was furious when he learned of the robbery even though he wasn’t there in LA at the time. He made a YouTube video and used Twitter to communicate with people, explaining the issue and pleading with his followers for support. A user soon uploaded a video of the truck sitting near Sylmar, Louisiana, to Ludwig’s Reddit page. But by the time Ludwig’s assistant Nick Yingling arrived, the truck had left. Later that evening, a different Reddit user uploaded a video showing the truck in the exact same location. Nick was able to get at the location this time and confront the driver of the Subaru truck.

The man present at the scene demanded $10,000 in exchange for returning the truck, claiming to have obtained it as payment for a debt. While Ludwig’s buddies attempted to contact the police, the thief took advantage of the situation to leave, taking the truck with them. Ludwig’s hopes of getting his dream car back were dashed by this disaster. Fortunately, the Subaru pickup was discovered the following morning by another Reddit member. He called the police to the location and posted the information on Reddit.

The alleged thief fled the scene as soon as the cops arrived, leaving the truck behind. The truck, which is presently resting in a “undisclosed location,” was safely secured by Nick. Ludwig praised all of his followers on Twitter and YouTube for keeping an eye out for the truck. He may now shoot the new video for which he traveled to Texas while sleeping soundly.