ExtraEmily Pranks Mizkif

Rose Andres Amiel May 8, 2023
ExtraEmily Pranks Mizkif

ExtraEmily, an OTK streamer, decided to play a practical joke on Mizkif, another content creator, by covering his streaming space with a sea of vibrant sticky notes.

Recently, ExtraEmily has gained a lot of attention online. The upcoming streamer has experienced a spectacular climb recently, leading to her joining OTK. She and Mizkif, the company’s proprietor, have grown close and frequently engage in amusing stream antics together. In Emily’s adventures, she has accomplished bizarre tasks including spanking a total stranger in public. Her most recent subathon forced her to tape herself to a wall and endure projectiles being thrown at her for a full 13 hours. Emily plunged into a chilly pool after the event was over just for good measure.

Her most recent on-stream exploit involved “decorating” Mizkif’s streaming space with an excessive amount of vibrant sticky notes.

When Mizkif came back, it was obvious the creator of OTK wasn’t too happy to see his entire room covered in sticky notes, and he responded to Emily’s question about if he likes it with a little humorous rant. He stated; “No one else has to deal with stuff like this. Everybody else just streams, they go offline, they do ads. Like I just go to the gym and have like two errands to run, I come back and this is my life.”

The discouraged streamer received a lighthearted response from Emily. She said; “Ya! Isn’t it great? It’s cause you’re such a nice pal, Miz. And I feel like I can, you know prank ya, you know, prank ya hard.”

Following that, Mizkif only had three more words to say; “You got me.” Emily was overjoyed with her response and inquired if he could run a stream with it. She only wanted to view “one stream” of the countless sticky notes covering his walls. Mizkif, though, wasn’t all that anxious to keep things going. Unfortunately, Mizkif could only respond with a mocking gesture as Emily’s query appeared to go unanswered.